The Project

Hello Everyone!

It’s me Mel, Mel like the one who is running Melinanimeland anime blog, but if you paid attention to the author of this post you probably already know about that.

For some week, in the anime blog round up post, I have been talking about a special project of mine, I had post a picture that you can see as header, those who guess it was a map, were right, but only one guess what the map was for.

A novel

You read right, I’m planning to write my first novel and I have some idea for more, now while this post is in English post of the future post will in French since I will write that novel in French. Why in French some of you might ask, it’s only because french is my native language and I will be more at ease in writing that first book in french.

This doesn’t mean, I will not have English section in this blog.

Since I’m planning to post update on where I am on my writing, I will post it in both language, French and English. I will also translate excerpt of it for those you are curious to know about the book.

~ Thank you ~


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